What our clients have to say about Beauty Ink®,

When it really comes down to it….it’s how they feel that matters the most!

I am a physician and therefore very aware of professional standards and infection risk from procedures such a micro pigmentation. I had lost a lot of my eyebrows/eyelashes due to a medication side effect and had received a recommendation to Beauty Ink®.

Not only was Shauna an outstanding artist, but also she adheres to the strictest professional standards; is caring; and constantly exploring the latest improvements within this field. She offers a wonderful service to many affected by health issues and the results are terrific. I was amazed and delighted, and highly recommend Beauty Ink® to my patients.

Many thanks, Shauna.



Are you SCARED to do PERMANENT make-up?  I know I was and it took me 3 years to finally decide to do it.  I researched online, and in my city, to find the perfect person to do the job and Shauna, at Beauty Ink, was the one I chose.  I am THRILLED to report that my new eyebrows look better than when I would pencil them in myself and now I don’t have to spend ANY time fussing with them anymore.  Now I don’t  worry about them rubbing off during the day, or wake up to almost no eyebrows every morning and never mind the stress about swimming.

WORRIED…about how painful it is?  Don’t.  Shauna uses an initial freezing agent and applies a sort of numbing cream as needed if the area becomes sensitive.  The level of discomfort is about a 1 in a scale of 1-10…1 being the least amount of pain.  It’s seriously NOTHING to stress about.

WORRIED…about cleanliness of tools/shop?  Shauna is sooo strict about cleanliness that she wouldn’t even let my dog walk on the FLOOR of her shop.  I had to bring my toy poodle to my appointment and Shauna carried the dog to the outdoor patio and that’s where it stayed.  She uses NEW needles and shows you the package before she opens it.

WORRIED…about how your permanent make-up will look?  I know I was.  Before she started, I showed her the eyebrow pencil I always use and she showed me the colour she was going to use for my eyebrows, which I thought was too light but I went with it knowing I could always touch them up with an eyebrow pencil (if needed) until my next touch-up appointment.  I was right to leave the colour choice in Shaunas’ hands because the colour she used is a perfect match to the colour of eyeliner pencil that I always use.  🙂

WORRIED…about your permanent eyebrows not matching your ever changing hair colour?  If you dye your hair as I sometimes do, not to worry.  Shauna said I can apply foundation to my eyebrows to lighten them up, if needed, for my blonde days or I can touch them up with an eyebrow pencil to darken them for the times I have really dark hair, if needed.

WORRIED…about how long the procedure will take to heal?  Don’t.  Mind you everyone is different but in my case I had a pinkish hue around the worked on area and it only lasted about an hour.  NO bruising, NO swelling, NO bleeding and NO scabbing.  There was a TINY bit of seepage (clear) the first night and I just blotted it a couple of times and that was the end of it.  The top layer of skin did sluff off a bit but it was a tiny bit each day, in the mornings when I would wash the area.  When the given cream was applied (after washing) my eyebrows looked just as good as new.  I booked time off of work (2 weeks) to get this procedure done but I could have went to work the same day and no one would have known the difference.

WORRIED…about how many appointments ($$) you will have to make to get the end result you want?  Don’t.  Seriously, I only did ONE appointment and my eyebrows are GREAT!  In the first appointment, before she’s done, Shauna will ask you for your input and if there is anything needing touching up she will do it right then.  She does suggest everyone does a second touch-up appointment to fill in areas that may need a bit more colour or whatever but my eyebrows look totally fine right now.  I am, however, going to see her again the next time I’m in Vancouver to get her to draw the hair like lines on my eyebrows to make them look even more realistic.

STOP WORRYING!  Just do it, you’ll be sooo HAPPY you did!!  I know I am.  🙂


(Prince George B.C)


The minute I walked into Shauna’s studio, my nervousness about having something so permanent tattooed on my face completely vanished. Her professionalism, knowledge, and warmth, the artistic ambiance, and her obvious creative gifts and technical experience, totally alleviated any fears I had about having my eyebrows, as well as a scar on my nose tattooed.
The results—-FANTASTIC—–I couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend Shauna to anyone wishing any of the services she provides.

Thanks Shauna, for your time and patience with my many questions and concerns. I never felt hurried or coerced into something I didn’t want to do. It was a great experience!

(Operating Room Nurse U.B.C. Hospital).


Since I was 14, I’ve never let anyone touch my brows except myself – I’m a stickler for detail and brows are my obsession. My brows went through so many different phases – thin and skinny to super full and thick. I spent at least half the time I took to do my makeup on my brows alone – that’s a full 15 minutes. It came to a point where I would be late for appointments because I needed my brows to look just right.
So imagine my relief when I saw a write up on Shauna and Beauty Ink®. It was a big leap of faith for me to entrust my brows into someone else’s hands, but I’m so glad I chose Shauna because her hands are more than capable of producing beautiful, natural results. She took the time to discuss everything brow-related with me and helped me visualize what the final result would look like. She was down to earth, patient and very realistic about the results I would get with this procedure, so much so that I decided to get my top eyeliner done as well.
The procedure is not very painful at all, and completely worth any discomfort. After my third and final touch up, I cannot be more pleased with my brows – they are gorgeous, in just the right curve, proportion and colour and…can I say it…darn sexy. I seriously don’t need to do anything to my brows in the morning – it’s shaved 15 minutes off my routine, leaving me with so much more time on my hands. Shauna is amazing at what she does – stunning results, amazing service. What are you waiting for?

(Vancouver, BC.)


Ever since I can remember looking in the mirror it was extremely hard, especially without make-up. Unfortunately I was not blessed with good eyebrows, in fact I was given barley any brows at all. Subjected for the last ten years to the use of a makeup pencil…. I took everywhere with me!

Summer became my worst nightmare. Any activities such as swimming, dancing or any sports I feared. Sadly enough this was my way of life, until I met Shauna. Shauna introduced me to the wonderful world of permanent make up. Skeptical at first, like I have been in the past, after talking to Shauna I was convinced that she was the one who would give me my confidence back.

I took the plunge and she worked magic on my precious face. The end result was better than I expected.

Now when I look in the mirror without make up on I see the beautiful women I was meant to see.

Thank you Shauna…. I am forever grateful!

Love Amber.

(Vancouver, BC.)


Dear Shauna,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love my brows!!

I feel like my face is now complete!! You did a terrific job and definitely worth flying across the country for- even in the blizzard! You are a magician!



(Toronto, Ont.)


“Outstanding work!

After going to 4 different permanent makeup “artists” in the USA and leaving with sub par results, I came to Shauna in Vancouver for some corrective work on my brows. She took her time without rushing to create the right shape for my face and discuss the process. She then put her years of extensive experience as an outstanding makeup artist to work with her wonderful creative eye and attention to detail! I wouldn’t go anywhere or recommend anyone else!! Fabulous brows!

Shauna also corrected the horrible eyelash extension work I had done in the Arizona. She removed the incorrectly applied lashes and meticulously applied new lashes which are absolutely gorgeous!! As I live in Arizona my next trip up will be in four weeks for my fill. Her work is well worth the flight to get such great results!

Thanks girlfriend…I’ll be back!! :-) ”

All the best!

(Phoenix, Arizona)


Having someone tattoo my face was concerning and the stories out there of work-gone-bad left me feeling uncertain about the whole tattooed make-up concept. However, the frustration of taming and colouring my linear-challenged eyebrows each day was only going to get worse when I had to start getting up early for a new job.

When Shauna suggested doing my brows, I knew she would do an amazing job. I’ve known Shauna for almost 15 years, and the detail and perfection she puts forth in all she does I knew would also been seen in her tattoo work. I had, and continue to have, 100% trust and confidence in Shauna’s workmanship. The colour Shauna created for me is perfect and the brow shape she suggested, ideal. It makes me smile when I tell people I got my brows tattooed and they are shocked that you can’t tell, that it looks so natural. I can’t help but note, isn’t that the point?

I would, and do, advise anyone who wants to enhance their look and cut down their time for getting ready to pay a visit to Shauna and let her work her wonders. They’ll be amazed…and so will you. I certainly was!

Alison Ross

(Vancouver, B.C)


Hi Shauna,

I now have new permanent eyebrows that I love and can enjoy each and every day. I would like to say thank you for your professional and educational expertise. From the first conversation you put me at ease and I knew that my decision to come to you was the right one. You are a true professional with a caring nature that makes you stand out in your field. I would recommend you highly!

Thank you



(North Vancouver, B.C)


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the result. This is
exactly what I was looking for. You are very talented. I will
definitely recommend your artistic work to whom ever I know. I am glad
that I was watching BT in the morning of Sept 2, 08 and saw you on TV.

Once again YOU are fantastic. Thank you so much:-)

Wish you all the best and success,

Love, Mo

(Vancouver, B.C)


“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on my eyes, brows and lips.

I was very impressed by your professionalism, cosmetic artistry and knowledge of makeup techniques. Your work looks extremely natural, makes my eyes pop and has even balanced out my asymmetry. I spend much less time getting ready for the world or worrying that my eyeliner might run in the rain.

I would definitely recommend your services to everyone who wants to look and feel better while saving time and efforts doing make up every day!”

Isabella aka Kitty
Owner of Felix and Kitty Creative Company.

(Coquitlam, B.C)


“As a full time working mom of two, I have little to no time for myself let alone make up. Having permanent liner has made such a change for me, for the better! Even if I throw on a coat of mascara and some lip gloss on the morning, I feel done up. Friends have noticed that something is different, but they don’t know what it is. The look subtle because that is how I wanted it to be. However I feel fresher and more alive with my new look.

Thank you Shauna”


(Coquitlam, B.C.)


Being as fair as I am, I always looked “tired or something” according to friends and family. This was especially true during allergy season when wearing any makeup at all only irritated my eyes further. I cannot tell you how my permanent eyeliner has not only changed the way that others see me, but the way I see myself. After two months, I still do a double take when I look in the mirror.

I love the convenience and the way I look, but mostly I love the way I feel about myself. I have a greater sense of self-confidence which has spilled into my professional life. It’s fun watching people try to figure out what’s different about me. I still can’t get over how relaxing and painless the procedure was, and it was delivered with patience and professionalism. I asked for “subtle, yet effective” and that’s exactly what you delivered.

You truly are an Artist! I’ll recommend your services to my future Brides and anyone else who will listen.
I cannot thank you enough!
Janet Benson

Owner, Royal City Weddings & Events

(New Westminster, B.C)


Being so blond, I have never had eyebrows. They were always so thin and blond, nothing to help frame my face. So that Saturday morning when you did your magic, I was so hopeful I was doing the right thing? No one at work noticed anything different about me.

Just LOVING my new eyes!!! I have never been so ecstatic about waking up and rushing than I am now. I totally forget most of the time to do my eyes now because I think they are done! This has been the most amazing and “Daring” thing I’ve ever done and I can’t believe it “still” to this day, that I tattooed my eyes!!! Scary or WHAT!!

I love it and can’t say enough about how fabulous I feel having it done. My girls are still in shock that there “Mother” did this!

Thanks Shauna for making me a “Daily” Beauty!!!


(South Surrey, B.C)


I followed your after care instructions, keeping everything moist, had a hard time at that because I stand over a dye pot most days with chemicals and crap floating in the air, but really no problems. I can’t wait for you to see them again because they are so perfect!

The one woman I work most closely with and who is also a good friend said “did you have your eyebrows done?” I had discussed it previously with her, and then she said “really, really great shape!” She is a good friend and wouldn’t hold back if there was anything that wasn’t good. Full approval from my closest friend!

Also I would like to mention the reason I chose you for this work. You came highly recommended to me through co workers in the film industry. I know you have painted on hundreds or possibly more, many more, eyebrows on all sorts of different faces. You instinctively knew what my face needed because you are an artist.

I’m really happy! Yes, we started really light, but still I now have eyebrows.

It’s big!

Thank you.


(Vancouver, B.C)


“I had the pleasure of having permanent eye liner done from Shauna.
I was worried about what was going to happen and I could not decide which colour would look good, but with Shauna’s detailed explanation on her procedure and her knowledge of what colour to choose, I was confident that Shauna would do a great job!
Sure enough I am extremely happy with the end results, I feel that my eyes look more defined and brighter. Shauna, thank you for your professionalism and your caring before and after your procedure, I can’t wait to forward your information to all my friends….”

(Burnaby, B.C)