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What people ask most…Does it hurt?

There is a common misconception out there that having permanent cosmetics done is really painful. I guess at some places it would be, but at the BeautyInk Gallery your comfort is our main concern.

You may experience a little pinch during the (second step) called “Grazing” but with the combination of pre-numb (first step) and the anesthetic (third step), there is very little discomfort at all.We would not be able to preform such beautiful work if our clients were in pain. We have researched the best anesthetics in North America and after every procedure, most people say it was not painful at all.

What we experience the most is the clients personal fear. We understand it and appreciate that every person has fear around the procedures to some degree. With our experience and understanding, we are able to talk the client though the process and ease their anxiety.When the client returns for the follow-up, they are always at ease as they know it wont be as bad as they had imagined the first time.

So rest assured, if you are considering a permanent procedure, but are holding back because you think or heard it hurts…we do our very best to keep you comfortable throughout the entire process.Don’t let your mind overwhelm you from the liberation and years of freedom you will experience from the beautification that comes with permanent cosmetics!
It will transform you for years to come both inside and out!