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BeautyInk a finalist in the 2010 SE Entrepreneur Awards


BeautyInk™ couldn’t be more excited about being a finalist in the 2010 SE Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

It was only two short years ago when Shauna had the vision to created The BeautyInk Gallery, Vancouver’s first make up service boutique. From concept to creation, it took Shauna six exhausting months of 20 hour days with only her passion and short business training, to get the gallery up and running in their South Granville location.  Since Shauna created this make up service boutique concept, two similar businesses have now opened their doors, one in Langley and one in Yaletown.  Shauna’s  concept is now being used as an example to make up artist and students all over the country as a viable way to create a business doing what they love the most- Make Up.

Shauna decided to take a hiatus from her 15 year film career to fulfill a need to help people that suffer everyday from physical challenges that hinder the quality of their lives.  Since the Gallery opened it’s doors in 2008, Shauna been showcased on eight different TV segments both locally and national. The gallery has been able to service hundreds of client  across Canada and the US, bringing a peace and liberation to each of them. This honor of being recognized for the hard work and dedication has truly touched her. ” Trying to create something that has never existed is exciting, but keeping it afloat and growing  it is truly another. You must love what you do with your heart and soul and be willing to risk it all!”  Shauna feels grateful for the lives she has been able to touch and the reward people experience from the work she loves so much. ” Suffering comes in so many way, accident, disease, birth defects, insecurity…. if I can help people look better and feel better about themselves, than I’ve served my purpose in life and what a blessing that is!” – Shauna Magrath

Shauna has become an inspiration to many both in the film industry and out.  Her public speaking and mentor-ship has driven other women to step out and make a positive change with their careers opening businesses for themselves. People are seeing by her efforts there is life after film and some film artists are taking the leap, branching out and creating their own paths as well.

Please check out your local paper this week for SE Award advertisement or this link athttp://www.douglas.bc.ca/training-community-education/self-employment/entrepreneur-awards.html

Our night with Dermalogica calmed us down!

Good skin always starts with a great skin care.

We spent the evening with Dermalogica and one of their best educator’s Cory. He thoroughly went thought the new Ulta Calming  series from Dermalogica with us. Calm down  It’s a complete line with a pre cleanse, cleanser, toner, mask and barrier repair with makes a outstanding primer for pre base.

Many people are complaining of sensitive skin these days. Environmental pollutants, dehydration, allergies, you name it…our skin is forever changing!  Dermalogica launched its New Ultra Calming skincare line on 1st September.

Ultra Calming, regarded as “serious relief for sensitised skin”, differs from many sensitive skincare lines which are merely “watered-down” regular products, with a lower concentration of active ingredients. In contrast, Ultra Calming contains specially developed active ingredients that mediate immunogenic and neurogenic inflammatory triggers for the relief of inflamed skin. ( Basically means it calms your red, irritated, dry skin with ease.)

The Ultra Calming Complex consists of botanicals Boerhavia Diffusa (Red Hogweed) root extract to target neurogenic inflammation by limiting the production of pro-inflammatory agents in the skin, Avena Sativa (Oat kernel) extracts which are rich in avenanthramides, proven to have natural anti-irritant and anti-redness properties, and Zingiber officinate (ginger) and Bisabolol (derived from chamomile) which work synergistically to help reduce redness and irritation.

In our 2 hour educational class from Cory, he showed us first hand the proven relaxing properties of this new line. Personally I suffer from sensitive skin and after the five part calming routine my skin was singing it’s praises. Hydrating, calming, refreshing…. my tired skin was boosted and refreshed. I give this new line two thumbs up and look forward to sharing it with out clientèle.

You can find a retailer and learn more on line by going to http://www.dermalogica.com/ca/index.html#/home

So be good to your self, and your skin, and your soul with gladly thank you!

Septembers Newsletter

September 2010…. In This Issue
:: Welcome and Featured Videos
:: What our Clients have to say….
:: About Shauna and BeautyInk
:: Charities We Believe in and Support


As you may know I love to communicate through videos, so please view my personal welcome to you.

We are currently celebrating our 2nd Anniversary!  As well, we are proud to announce our being a finalist for the SE Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Service category.  Winners will be announced October 20th at the evening ceremonies. Stay tuned…


View the Welcome videoPlease feel free to pass this newsletter along to your friends. As a valued subscriber, please enjoy my special article:


What our clients have to say…
When it really comes down to it… it’s how they feel that matters the most!


“I am a physician and therefore very aware of professional standards and infection risk from procedures such a micro pigmentation.  I had lost a lot of my eyebrows/eyelashes due to a medication side effect and had received a recommendation to The BeautyInk Gallery.

Not only was Shauna an outstanding artist, but also she adheres to the strictest professional standards; is caring; and constantly exploring the latest improvements within this field.  She offers a wonderful service to many affected by health issues and the results are terrific.  I was amazed and delighted, and highly recommend The BeautyInk Gallery to my patients.

Many thanks, Shauna.”
~ Susan MA, MD, CCFP, FCFP

About Shauna
Award Winning Makeup FX Artist

After spending over 17 years refining her detailed artistic techniques on Hollywood’s A-List Celebrities, award winning fx make up artist Shauna Magrath, with over 45 film and television credits to her name, has turned her attention to you.  With her diverse background, unique skills and attention to detail, she custom creates the look you desire, raising your confidence and self-esteem.  Since BeautyInk opened Shauna has had the fortunate opportunity to showcase her skills on local and national television, sharing with the audience procedures as well as her extensive make up expertise.

Shauna’s work was graciously recognized in 2008 by the Academy of Film and Television with Emmy honors for “Outstanding Make up” with her make up fx’s contribution to the critically acclaimed mini-series, Tin Man.  Her department also received a Leo Award for “Best Make up Fx” in a mini series that same year.  A long departure from her native farm girl roots in Kelowna, B.C.    Shauna’s biography Nominated in 2009 for Business in Vancouver’s
“40 Under 40 Awards” and the influential “Women in Business Awards”, Shauna never stops growing her vision.  These awards are given annually to BC’s outstanding entrepreneurs who demonstrate achievements in business, experience and innovation, vision, leadership, and community involvement.  She feel very grateful for her current nomination with the “Entrepreneur of the Year Awards,” as it will only bring awareness to what BeautyInk can do for those in need and we look forward to seeing the upcoming results in October.

About BeautyInk Gallery
Vancouver’s First Exclusive Makeup Service Boutique

The BeautyInk Gallery is a rich, inviting,tranquil boutique where women and men a like can be at their most relaxed and welcome while receiving expert make up services from proprietor and master makeup/micro-pigmentation artist, Shauna Magrath.


In 2008 after the death of her grandfather Shauna was compelled to make a difference with her talent, and so the BeautyInk Gallery was born.  A make up services boutique that offers: all make up applications, fx, lessons, lash extensions, tinting, and of course their specialty permanent cosmetics.

Shauna expanded her skills and became certified in permanent cosmetics by Canada’s most prestigious institute, the Canadian Micro-Pigmentation Center in Toronto.  She now combines her artistic expertise, acute attention to detail, and micro-pigmentation training to help anyone achieve their own empowering natural beauty.

Working with accident and cancer survivors hold a special place in her heart after watching her Grandfather, Mother and Aunt fight for their lives.  Thankfully her Mom is still with us today and has been able to watch the extraordinary growth of this divine venture.

“Every client receives one on one exclusive attention. We never compromise the quality /safety of our work or your comfort, because in the end that is what matters the most!”
– Shauna Magrath.

Beauty Tips
Featured Videos


Useful makeup tips that will take years off of your appearance!

Video - Youthful Make-Up Tips

A couple techniques to create great full glamorous lashes!

Video - Great Lashes

Contact Us


Tuesday to Saturday

from 11am- 7pm

By appointment only

Suite101-1529 West 6th Ave,

Vancouver, B.C.

V6J 1R1

Quick links

www.BeautyInk.ca Website


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Charities We Support
Small Things = Big Change

Charities we support

Giving generously…
makes the difference!

At the BeautyInk Gallery they believe in and are committed to giving generously to the community through donations, volunteering and in-kind support.  Without help from businesses like theirs, our community will not grow for the better!  Please help, your generosity benefits everyone in their time of need.

red cross

gallery and me

Youthful Make up Tips
Some of our Favorite Products

touch eclat

1. Conceal the Eye Area: Use an orange base concealer under the eyes and in the corner and eye socket. This will eliminate the grey violet colour that comes with age and fatigue. In the deep areas add a light reflector such as Touch Eclate (shown on left) by Yves Saint Laurent. This will make the sunken areas look fuller and more youthful.


jane erridale2. Even Skin Tone: As we age our skin gets sun damaged and patchy. You can use a powder mineral make up that’s easy to apply and has a build in SPF like Jane Iredale. Loose has more glow to it, the pressed in more matt. Two shades work the best, light down the lower half of the face and neck, a darker from the cheek upward for a sun kissed look.

dior pencil
3. Higher Brow Arch: As gravity takes it toll, creating a higher arch will give you eye the appearance of being more awake and bright eyed. A Dior Brow Pencil works well just above the natural arch and you can soften it with a brush. Christian Dior has beautiful colour range.

make up forever brow4. Darker Top Eyeliner: With the area under our eye showing the most age, why bring attention to it? By adding a more dominate top eyeliner hugged in the lash line it brings the attention upward not down.  If you need – (which I don’t necessarily recommend) to put a bottom liner on, always keep it a few shades lighter than the top. ie Black on top or dark navy blue… with a light taupe on the bottom softened. I love the Make up Forever Brow Correctors as they come in great colours and can be used thick or thin.  *Always remember Moisture is our best friend when it comes to our skin. So use one that hydrates well and you will find when your skin is moist if will always look years younger.

Beat the melting Heat!

Now that summer is here, I am sure your also fighting the melting make up issue that effects thousands of women ever summer.

If  you don’t have the convenience of permanent cosmetics and your tired for your liner smearing, your shadow creasing up and your foundation streaking down your face, here are a few of our top product choices that will make your summer time play a lot more enjoyable:

Foundation http://www.product-girl.com/img/youngblood_cosmetics_natural_loose_mineral_foundation.jpg

Mineral powder Young blood, Jane Iredale, Elements. They have a natural spf and water resisters built right in.




Cover FX- has a wide range of colours for all skin tones plus waterproof foundations as well.


Brow Colourhttp://s9.thisnext.com/media/230x230/Make-Up-For-Ever-Waterproof_F131B218.jpg

Make up Forever Waterproof Brow Corrector- several shades and they work well as a smoky eye base too.



YSL  Mascara Aquaresistant or Lash Out Waterproof by L’Oreal- both a great but YSL comes in several fun shades.



Eye Liner/ Shadowhttp://imabeautygeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/goshextremearteyeliner.jpg

Gosh Extreme Liner- can be used for both as it blends well, stays put and comes in 24 bold colours.



Make up Forever Aqua Cream- multi use product great for the entire face.



Cover Girl Lips Stains- there are many on the market, but this one is easy to find and use.


Waterproofing Additive http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_N2EqacvZmZU/Sfr6AxhD0aI/AAAAAAAAAbM/45ZJeg2aR5Y/s400/P169812_hero.jpg

Make up Forever Sealer- you can add to any product or existing make up to add additional waterproof wear ability.


Make up Removal PadsAndrea EyeQ's Eye Make-Up Remover Pads, Ultra Quick

Andrea Eye’s waterproof removal pads- available at most drugstores

If you have ever worn waterproof make up, you know it can be a B**** to remove.  Andrea’s Eye’s for waterproof make up, will gently remove any products, even the most difficult.  They’re cost-effective and work.  It’s important when you wear waterproof products… you have the proper remover.  Most of them contain a Vinyl or Silicone base and don’t come off with just soap and water. You need the right oil to break them down.  You never want to try to scrub to them off, your skin certainly wont be happy!

Also, try not to wear waterproof all the time.  It keeps the skin from breathing and with continued use can clog your pores, but for a day at the beach or out on the water, it’s always your best bet!

So yes, you have options and no matter what the temperature may be, you’ll look great day or night when you incorporate any of these long-lasting durable product tips into your summer make up routine. Play, have fun, try new things you may even come up with something unique!

Of course there is always the option of a permanent cosmetic enhancement that will allow you to banish those pencils for good! Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions 604 639 3609 about any of our permanent procedure. We are always happy to share and remember your worth it!!

The Bugs are Out!!!

Now that the hot weather is here, the bugs are also her to play and reek havoc on your day!

In my many years of experience filming out in the deep dark brush of the greater GVRD, Mission wilderness and the wild BC North, I have had to keep the bugs away from the Hollywood Celeb’s. There is nothing worse than trying to cover a big fat bug bite on your second take while on a multi million dollar production. Those HD camera’s see everything!  I’ve tried the deet, the Off, the Bug stick, the Skin So Soft, I’ve even gone so far as to wear nets, because when you film in the swamps you can literally see those skitters hatching on the water.

I finally found one product that actually works:  Essents BUG OFF.  It’s natural, smells good and the mosquitoes seem to hate it!  Crew from all over the set would seek me out for  a spray of my magic mix…..because it truley keeps the bugs away.

The downside and there is only one thankfully is that you have to apply it often (every 15-30 minutes).  I found buying the concentrate was the most economical way to go. You just add 30 drops of oil to one cup water was a great ratio. Then add it to a bottle and shake n’ spay.  Your off to the races to enjoy your time out in the great outdoors with your friends and family. They will appreciate the fact that it’s non toxic and safe for the entire family. It’s also a great room freshener so you can use it for more than just the bugs!

Here’s the link below so you can find it at your local Essents location.


Bug Off Insect Repellent Bug Spray
Bug Off Natural Insect Repellent – Bug Spray

Bug Off Insect Repellent Bug Spray

Lavender, Lemongrass
Item Id: 354-202
Experience and restore health. Transforming and supporting aroma restore clarity, re-generate the immune system and dissolve tension. Create a health balance of the mind, body and spirit. Keep bugs away naturally with lemongrass and lavender. Fresh and clean smelling, may also be used to scent and deodorize any space.

Free of impurities this multi-purpose aroma mist will clear the mind as well as the air. Water based and made with 100% pure essential oils.

Directions: Mist into air or onto body. May also be used to freshen closets, linens & bedding.

  • With pure mood enriching essential oils
  • Biodegradable
  • No mineral oil
  • No artificial colors
  • No animal testing
  • Great for adults and children

That Forbidden Four Letter Word…..F***!

Yes that’s right Summer is here, well almost, kinda, sorta and that means FALL is just around the corner!

I know, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but hopefully we can push summer until late October? Well I pray we can……?

Here are the latest colours for this falls season…colours

Some of the ways we can bridge the gap this season is to blend the trends. Make up will be taking on another season of bold looks with a little flash! We will see the Nude look staying consistent through out the seasons, but also the dramatic under eye. Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2010 MakeupIt made it’s debut this spring with the bright turquoise and purple tones and will transform itself  into charcoals, metallic coppers and steamy silvers for the winter.Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall 2010 MakeupWe still are not seeing a lot of mascara this season. A few designers are still in love with the strip lash but in general, the light lash and bold shadow is where it’s at for fall/winter 2010.make up 2010 trendBrows are still full and defined, while lips are either nude all the way or have more of the berry/ burgundy Vampy look. You will also still see pops of the orange carry over as well, so don’t put your favorite summer shade away just yet!

If like many women you are feeling over whelmed in keeping up with the trends, don’t fret.  Here at the BeautyInk Gallery we will show you how to make the seasons latest looks work for you. With our one on one personal lessons, we will share with you how to utilize the colours you have and what would be the best products to purchase for the new season ahead. You will learn how to customize your look  for day or night, so you are ready and look amazing for any situation that comes your way for the fall season.  Here’s  a little insider video from NYFW that will give you a few tips as well….Enjoy! Please feel free to give us a call at any time, we are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. 604 639 3609

Beautiful Blinks

Beautiful Blinks

Monday, 21 June 2010 15:08 Blair Kaplan General

My curiosity into the world of eyelash extensions began while sitting poolside in Mexico this past winter. A problem I have on vacation is trying to wear makeup while basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean. The first day on vacation I saw a lady get out of the pool and her eyes looked immaculate.  I saw her around the resort and after a few days I had to ask her, “Are your eyelashes real? They look amazing!” She confirmed that they were, in fact, eyelash extensions.  From that moment on I wanted experience eyelash extensions and for my blinks to attract attention.

Being fairly uneducated about this cosmetic procedure I wanted to make sure that I put my eyes in the hands of an experienced professional.  That professional that I developed a beautiful relationship with Shauna Magrath, owner of The BeautyInk Gallery in Vancouver. “Using only the safest medical products, finest organic materials and state-of-the-art medical-grade equipment, Shauna has mastered the art of micro-pigmentation: permanent cosmetics that are natural on the body with gentle, yet stunning effects” (www.beautyink.ca).

I arrived at the gallery to be greeted with indoor shoes, which help keep the environment sterile, and Shauna smiling. I knew I was not only going to be spending the next 2 hours changing the look of my eyes but learning about the process and getting to know Shauna. I was walked over to a bed and laid down while being covered with a very fuzzy blanket. I felt like I was getting ready for an early evening nap.  So, I made myself comfortable and let Shauna work her magic.

These are my before eyes:

We moved the bottom lashes out of the way and the procedure began. I bet you are curious as to how the eyelashes are put on and this seems to be the burning question that everyone asks. Shauna is a well trained and very educated professional who helped answer all of my questions (because I couldn’t see what she was doing due to the fact that my eyes were shut). First she moved my bottom eyelashes out of the way by taping them down. It sounds weird but doesn’t hurt, I promise.

Unlike a lot of other places that offer this service, she uses silk woven lashes (these look very natural). She glues on each lash individually, with love, and goes back and forth between eyes, giving the glue time to dry. For the first set it take sabout 2 hours but the time flew by due to the relaxing position I was in and great conversation.  After a few hours my eyelashes were dry and I had my first blink to my added beauty. For at least the next 2-3 weeks I have the most luscious and long eyelashes a gal can hope for.

These are my beautiful, new eyes:

I put my beauty in the hands of Shauna and couldn’t have been any happier. She offeres many services besides Semi-Permanent Eyelashes such as permanent makeup. She has free consultations so you can explore your curiosity. Ladies and Gents, imagine waking up looking beautiful and not spending so much money on products!

At www.livingfreecanada.com you will find a 20% off elite coupon for your first service. Ladies and Gentleman (yes, men, YOU!) go explore The BeautyInk Gallery and help boost your natural beauty and confidence.
Blair Kaplan
Living Free Canada


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