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Celebrating 5 years with We Care Childrens Charity 2012

Every December we give our time and talent to “We Care” Children’s Christmas Charity for the underprivileged . We prosthetically transform Kenny from Herman Miller into humble old St. Nick with the great help of award winning artist Bill Terezakis.  His multi award winning company WCT Productions has graciously donated silicone prosthetic’ s this year that take hours to sculpt, mold and run for our Santa creation. You can see their film credits here. 

For the last five years BeautyINK  has always created this transformation using time consummating products that we build and create right onto Kenny’s face. The application usually takes 5 hours to apply (face pieces and beard) and 2 hours to remove.  Now with Bills incredible help, this time will be cut in half and patient Kenny will have less time sitting in our chair with his bum going numb .lol

When we were first approached about this by Herman Miller we were thrilled to assist.  The smiles on these children faces warms our hearts and knowing they have a chance to experience Santa is a blessing in itself.  Several of these children are in protective custody and not able to go to a mall to see Santa as normal children do.  You can see their sadness when they arrive, but once they had a chance to sit on Santa’s knee and make gifts for their family, they leave with the hugest smiles of joy and warmth in their hearts.

Evey year it makes me cry to see these little ones in such hardship, but knowing we can give them a little spark of joy around the holiday’s, makes it all worth wild in the end.  I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Bill and his dedicated team, Vicki for assisting me in the application,  Kenny for all those volunteer hours without a single complaint and to Herman Miller for continually organizing this essential event.

With children’s hearts filled with love… the world can only be a better place.

Happy Holidays to you all….. 🙂

Shauna & Company.

Our Filming Debut a Beauty Ink

We finally did it, with the help of DOP/ editor/ cinematographer Anca Scurtulesei. We directed and produced this first segment that gives a better idea of the custom work we create here at our boutique. Please take a look and let us know what you think……

Watch us on The Oprah Winfrey Network


We are so thrilled our “Beauty Call” segment will be aired Sunday July, 17th at 3pm on the The Oprah Winfrey Network.

This will give the world an opportunity to see how permanent make up can truly enhance your life when it is done right!

Here is what Anna & Kristina had to say on their website  Test Lab about our work….



Fair-haired Beauty Call volunteer Kate is an avid swimmer and scuba diver who is tired of reapplying her make-up every time she gets out of the water.

Kate wanted her very light eyebrows darkened and some permanent eyeliner applied to her upper eyelids to help enhance her otherwise light brown lashes. She did her homework and went to see Shauna Magrath at BeautyInk Gallery in Vancouver.

The Procedure

Kate’s consultation with Shauna at BeautyInk included a mock-up of what she was looking for. Once Kate approved, they continued on with the procedure.

Shauna applied the anaesthetic, then “grazed” the skin, which opens the skin cells, making them ready to accept pigment.

She first started with Kate’s upper lid eyeliner. She hugged the pigment into Kate’s lash line, where the pigment itself is unnoticeable, but it accentuates Kate’s upper lashes.

Shauna then went onto Kate’s brows. Kate said the anaesthetic numbed her skin completely so she didn’t feel a thing.

The Results

Kate was really happy with the results. She felt the application didn’t even look like a tattoo, and that it looked very natural.

A month later we checked in with Kate again and she couldn’t say enough good things about her permanent pigment.

We’re happy to report that permanent make-up gets the A&K Stamp of Approval. (But remember to do your homework!)

So don’t just take our word for it…. look at the results and remember consultations are always free, so you have nothing to loss but the need for make up!

Innovation at it’s Finest!

To be a leader you must have the best knowledge….To have the best knowledge you have must be willing to seek the source and become better than those who shared their gift.

This spring is the annual Interdermal  cosmetic conference in San Diego

Facial tattooing is the earliest form of cosmetics known to man. The technique has been around for centuries and crosses every corner of the globe, longer than our everyday eyeliner or mascara.  So why wouldn’t permanent cosmetics be at the forefront of the beauty industry today?

Give the Gift of Beauty… They will Thank you for Years to Come!

Our Holiday Savings Gift to You….Give the gift of beauty for years to come!

If you don’t know of our ongoing promotion…..

sign up with and receive your elite coupon with a savings of 20% off your first service at any time.

click here and start saving today:

Online Coupons

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CUSTOM MAKE UP APPLICATION for your holiday event only:

$50 includes temporary lashes if you choose.

Our Christmas special on until Dec 31, 2010. Book now and save on all our permanent cosmetic services……per session.

Brows $200 feather touch or regular

Eye liner $150

Lips $300

Why wait when you can look your very best today!

Book now as space is limited. Call 604 639 3609

Offer expires Dec 31. 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from BeautyInk……..

We wish you and your family the best holiday season’s joys and wonder into the New Year.

We wanted to share with you a few of the holiday trends as well as some useful tips to get you through the winter season.

Holiday Glamour Trends

The biggest impact this holiday season is the use of colour in shadows and lots of metallic. Colour is being used in multiples and with intensity, in conjunction to the extreme liner we saw last spring.



LIPSare still red, in all shades, dark, bright, muted … you name it…anything red goes!


NAILS… are still muted but green is making the most impact.

winter nail art trends

Winter Make up Tips

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize….. if you use a favorite regularly or not, now is the season to protect your skin. You can purchase ” barrier cream” from London Drugs in the baby section. This fast absorbing silicone cream soaks in fast and will protect against the cold, wind and dehydration the winter months bring while keeping your skin hydrated. You can wear it under your make up or alone and we promise your skin will thank you.

2. Use that lip balm…. if it has an SPF 30 even better! The sun still packs a punch when it does come out and if your on the ski hill it will work well on your cheeks and ears if you forgot that sun block. We recommend ours…. because we know it’s the best!

3. Waterproof mascara is a must…. The rain wont be going away any time soon and we need to keep your lashes from smearing down your face. I recommend L’Oreal Voluminous waterproof…. but use the proper remover to get it off. ie oil based. It will also work well as a base to your shadow or liner for a budge proof night out.

4. Get the red out….. Revlon Colourstay is a great silicone base foundation that will stand up to the elements, layer well and neutralize those red noses and cheeks. You can apply it with a brush, sponge or fingers and by building it up ( repeat application on tough spots) you can cover all those winter imperfections that like to rear their ugly heads.


One of the many things we are big on during the holidays and the rest of the year is giving back to the community via different charitable groups. One that is dear to our hearts is

“WE Care”. It’s an organization that supports the children of the downtown east side that generally would not have the option to have a good Christmas. With our support and the support of many other local business, they provide crafts for the children to make gifts for their families. We share with our contribution of turning a generous man into Santa Clause in four hours with glued on beard, cheek and nose prosthetic and have so for the past four years…… you can check out the clip here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gZXbOX_mL4

kenny beforeSanta After

If you’re feeling the holiday cheers and want to help a needed cause…here’s a local charity that can certainly use a hand …...http://beautynight.org/ Beauty Nights.

They are a small grass roots charity that work on site with needy women and children, providing cloths and hygiene. With the generous support of London Drugs http://www.londondrugs.com we were able to provide 1200 toothbrushes that were so desperately needed for the stocking drive. You can be apart of this fabulous night too with donations of… new make up, toiletries, socks or even a dollar!  Every little bit counts and is always appreciated.

Happy Holidays…..and a fabulous New Year!

See you in 2011.


Shauna Magrath and The BeautyInk Gallery

What do you CRAVE?

CRAVE vancouver

November 16th, 2010.

For our second year we are celebrating our success in the new addition of Crave on sale now! Purchase yours on your next visit to the Gallery for only $15.  A great  “must have” guide for every women in Vancouver! Get yours today.

Our Holiday Gift to You!

If you don’t know of our ongoing promotion…..



and receive your elite coupon with a savings of 20% off your first service at any time.

(Can not be combined with other offers.)

CUSTOM MAKE UP APPLICATION for your holiday event only:

$50includes temporary lashes if you choose.

GET REFRESHED FOR THE HOLIDAY’S...Our custom colour refresher on existing work – per session:

Brows $200 feather touch or regular

Eye liner $150

Lips $300

Why wait when you can look your very best today!

Book now as space is limited. Call 604 639 3609

Offer expires Dec 31. 2010

A Career at BeautyInk

We are looking for dynamic  new addition to our boutique.  If you feel you would like to learn make up on an new level, you may be the perfect fit for us?

Candidates must be: hygienic, artistic-( preferably with a make-up back ground), well mannered and respectful, mature, eager to learn, able to take direction and criticism, have an eye for detail, a fast learner, patient, open minded, have basic administration skills and open to a flexible part time schedule of 10 hours a week to start.

Your duties may include and not limited too: make up applications, data entry, creative thinking, cleaning, assisting with procedures and over all help with whatever may be needed.

There is great room for growth and development with in our company and in our eyes the possibilities are endless.

So if this sounds like you or someone you know, please drop us an e mail with a resume to www.info@beautyink.ca

We look forward to meeting with you!

BeautyInk a finalist in the 2010 SE Entrepreneur Awards


BeautyInk™ couldn’t be more excited about being a finalist in the 2010 SE Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

It was only two short years ago when Shauna had the vision to created The BeautyInk Gallery, Vancouver’s first make up service boutique. From concept to creation, it took Shauna six exhausting months of 20 hour days with only her passion and short business training, to get the gallery up and running in their South Granville location.  Since Shauna created this make up service boutique concept, two similar businesses have now opened their doors, one in Langley and one in Yaletown.  Shauna’s  concept is now being used as an example to make up artist and students all over the country as a viable way to create a business doing what they love the most- Make Up.

Shauna decided to take a hiatus from her 15 year film career to fulfill a need to help people that suffer everyday from physical challenges that hinder the quality of their lives.  Since the Gallery opened it’s doors in 2008, Shauna been showcased on eight different TV segments both locally and national. The gallery has been able to service hundreds of client  across Canada and the US, bringing a peace and liberation to each of them. This honor of being recognized for the hard work and dedication has truly touched her. ” Trying to create something that has never existed is exciting, but keeping it afloat and growing  it is truly another. You must love what you do with your heart and soul and be willing to risk it all!”  Shauna feels grateful for the lives she has been able to touch and the reward people experience from the work she loves so much. ” Suffering comes in so many way, accident, disease, birth defects, insecurity…. if I can help people look better and feel better about themselves, than I’ve served my purpose in life and what a blessing that is!” – Shauna Magrath

Shauna has become an inspiration to many both in the film industry and out.  Her public speaking and mentor-ship has driven other women to step out and make a positive change with their careers opening businesses for themselves. People are seeing by her efforts there is life after film and some film artists are taking the leap, branching out and creating their own paths as well.

Please check out your local paper this week for SE Award advertisement or this link athttp://www.douglas.bc.ca/training-community-education/self-employment/entrepreneur-awards.html

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