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Interview with Shauna from BeautyInk Gallery

April 17, 2010 by Karina

Shauna Magrath owner of  The BeautyInk Gallery is most proud of the ’service’ component to her makeup and permanent cosmetic boutique. Whether she is training women in naturally beautiful makeup application, providing the perfect brow shape, or using her artful hands to enhance a bride’s wedding-day glow, Shauna falls somewhere between the fairy godmother of beauty, and the cool,  older sister you always wanted.  Her boutique makes the perfect, post-winter destination in order to refresh and brighten your look. Consider it the more affordable version of that Caribbean cruise!

Describe your company & what inspired you to create your own business?
We are a make up service boutique, specializing in permanent cosmetics and custom make up creations for Ladies and Gentlemen. We work with all demographics from cancer and accident survivors to men wanting to dress in drag or to give a women a new look for the season. Our services range from custom lessons, make up applications, lash extensions, brow shaping and of course what we are best known for, our custom natural permanent cosmetics.

I was personally inspired to create this business after holding my grandfather as he passed to the other side. That moment has changed my life forever and made me look at what my contribution is to the world.  I have a gift and working in film was not allowing me to share it in a positive way.  Now I am able to help people who suffer every day and make their lived better.  If I died tomorrow I know I have made a difference in many peoples lives.

What do you CRAVE?

Peace, love, simplicity, comfort and making more of a difference in the world, not to mention my 20 year old body again!

What is the best part of owning your own business?
The joy I receive every day when clients tell me how much of a difference I have made to their lives and how much they love our work.

What is your favorite quote?
Follow your heart and you will never go wrong, it’s not until you jump from the cliff will you grow wings and fly.

Tell us about your most popular services at BeautyInk.
Our most popular services are permanent eyebrows and eyeliner plus lash extensions.