Permanent Make Up – Spring Specials

We want you looking your best for spring 24/7 without all the effort. To that end we’re offering special prices on a single-visit appointment on four of our most popular services:

Permanent brow enhancement – $300*

Permanent upper liner – $200*

Permanent lower liner – $180*

Permanent lip colour fill – $400*

*Prices are per visit. More than one visit may be require for optimal results.

Each procedure will be customized in shape and colour for your desired look.

Experience the liberation that women are raving about by calling us to book your free 30 minute consultation: 604-639-3609.

Before Permanent EyeLiner

After Top and Bottom enhancement....Very natural, customized to her.

Before procedures

After a brow enhancement and upper eye liner procedures

Before procedure

After a permanent full lip fill