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Beauty Ink® Vancouver also known as “microblading Vancouver”, “semi-permanent make-up Vancouver”, “cosmetic tattooing Vancouver”, “micro-pigmentation Vancouver”, or “para-medical tattooing Vancouver”, is all tattooing and creates lasting effects (1-3 years) by inserting pigment beneath the top layer of the skin to the dermal layer. This process has been around for hundreds of years in many different cultures originating back to primitive man. At Beauty Ink® you receive an artist advanced procedure certification, the benefit of state-of-the-art technology, the highest quality of products, and single-use equipment for the safest most professional results. You will look your most beautiful 24 hours a day, even when you are just out of bed, swimming or exercising. You can enjoy all-out glamour, a natural enhancement or something in between. All our work is completely customized, so you will leave with just a better version of yourself.

All colours are custom blended to suit your own colouring and personal preferences. During your consultation the anticipated results are drawn on your skin, allowing you to make adjustments and ensure you’re getting exactly the right look before committing. We believe in working with our clients as you know your look better than we do. Our procedures have tremendous self-esteem benefits for people who have visual or physical impairments, pigmentation disorders, hair loss, scars, or just want to look their best without investing time putting on make-up.

Brows are our most popular procedure yet, allowing you the freedom to live without worry of ever losing a brow again. Why not treat yourself to the simplicity, beauty and freedom you’ve always wanted with manicured brows for the cost of 20 pencils. You can throw them away for good! If you have thin, uneven, unruly brows or no brows at all, this process will make a huge difference to your beauty, selfesteem and confidence. Imagine never having to use an eyebrow pencil again or needing to worry about your brows smudging, running, or rubbing off, even when you’re exercising, intimate with a partner or while you sleep! Eyebrow pigmentation can mimic the illusion of individual hairs, a powder fill or be a solid shade depending on what look is best for you. We work with your natural colouring to give as natural an effect as possible. We put emphasis on being natural and starting lighter as your own hairs will help give definition. We also like to work in layers, blending techniques and customize our work to be as individual as you are.

Eyeliner defines your lash line, can make your lashes look thicker, plus enhances the shape and colour of your eyes as well as making you look fresh and youthful. You can choose from a subtle natural line that will only enhance your natural lash line to something thick and more dramatic. The colour is drawn on your eye line during the consultation to ensure you receive the look you want.  With a variety of colours to choose from, we can create a look that is just right for you! And remember…. you can always add regular makeup over top, so you can change it up as much as you like.

 Micro-pigmentation can restore colour to nipples and areola’s after breast surgery, and can help to correct the missing colouration of burns or body scars. It will also blend-in, filling the spaces between hair transplants and hide a receding hairline or scalp scar after cosmetic surgery to make the area less noticeable. If you have had previous permanent work that has changed colour or faded, we can restore it back to its prior glory.  As well if you have had poor work done in the past, we have the ability to refine and correct it to make it look better than before!  We use over 90 pigments and our custom blends will be made especially for you.

At Beauty Ink® you will always receive one-on-one exclusive service and the most advanced technology in all aspects of your procedure. We continue to upgrade our skills annually to bring you the most advanced techniques with comfort, creativity and the best products available in the world.

With Beauty Ink® you can be rest assured we spare no expense and only the best will do!