We are very proud to be apart of this incredible movement to help women restore their breasts after cancer has taken so much from them. A.R.T Certified Areola Specialists created by Stacie-Rae, are the only recognized reliable tattooers by the PINK RIBBON Foundation.

At BeautyInk®, Shauna offers one complimentary session with the note of good health from the oncologist to complete this service. Seen by most as the “CHERRY ON TOP” for the completion of all breast transformations. It’s our pleasure to give you back what cancer has taken away!

Shauna has trained with several leaders in the field of restorative tattooing and looks forward to working with each client to help bring them back to the person they where before their diagnosis. It’s incredible what this procedure can do to heal the pain and suffering felt by so many and give the body confidence back they once had.

Please read though our pre and post care notes at the bottom of the pricing page, so you know what is required before proceeding with this treatment. We look forward to helping complete your final journey.

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