OMG Are You Serious….You Stink!!

Ok  people enough is enough!

I have to write you on the lack of personal hygiene I have continuously come across this summer. It’s more than the wrinkled shirts and the dirty pants.  We see that dry skin, we see the dandruff and yes, we see that crust ear wax that’s built up from days or weeks of neglect. The weather is hot and NO we do not want to smell your bad BO. Put on some deodorant people, take a shower, use a Q-tip and please…. when you sit in anyones chair in the service industry, please, please brush your teeth!  That is by far the worst violation we encounter.  How hard is it to brush in the morning when you get up or have a mint after that stinky cup of coffee?  We the service providers do not want to smell your bad breath when we work closely around you.

I sat on the bus the other day and I was trapped. To my left was crusty ear man and to my right was women with stinky hormone overdrive.  Do you people not realize that we see and smell you?  If you don’t wear deodorant because of  your personal puritan philosophy at least use and essential oil so we don’t have to pass out!

Here is the link to an amazing women( Ayala Moriel) who make natural custom smells just for you or you can choose from any of her amazing pre-made combination. http://ayalasmellyblog.blogspot.com/


I had the pleasure of attending her last tea party and purchased some of her unique and enticing sents. They are all natural with no chemical additives, so even the most sensitive or allergic person can find one that works for them.

As for the rest of these horrible occurrences, a little soap and water, proper conditioner or a good old fashioned Q-tip will fix it. So PLEASE…. PEOPLE ….think about the rest of the world when your start your day and embark on your journeys.  Your friends and strangers will love you more, want to spend time with you and be happy to be around you.

There is no plausible excuse in my books unless you are truly mentally unwell!


Shauna 🙂