“Crave” The Urban Girl’s Manifesto

“Crave”  The Urban Girl’s Manifesto

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Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Yesterday while loading up on stocking stuffer goodies, I overheard women at the cosmetics counter having a conversation about what product they absolutely cannot live without. All women positioned mascara at the top of their list. They talked about the importance of luscious lashes — how they make you feel more confident, and appear bright, awake, and alert looking.

CRAVE agrees! So we asked Shauna Magrath, foundress of The BeautyInk Gallery in Vancouver, BC to recommend her favorite mascara to us, so that we could pass it along to you. She gave us a fab piece of advice — permanent lash extensions! Imagine waking up beautiful with long, sensual lashes your friends will fawn over, sans gunky-goo! You can live your life looking glamorous 24/7. You can play them down by day or dress them up by curling them and adding a little mascara at night.

Shauna told us they look completely natural and only require a fill similar to your nails, every four weeks. Fills take about an hour and cost only $50. She warned us that permanent lash extensions are addicting because your eyes will have never looked BETTER!

Permanent lash extensions feel comfortable and natural just like your own eyelashes. They are weather-proof and waterproof (that’s right — no more clumped mascara!).

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Shauna at info [at] beautyink.ca.