BeautyInk and All About Girlfriends Gala™

This year’s All About Girlfriends™ gala, hosted by the Minerva Foundation, is being supported in part by the BeautyInk Gallery. The Minerva Foundation helps BC Women reach their full potential and become leaders in the community by providing leadership development programs and grants for education, causes that the BeautyInk Gallery loves to encourage! The Gallery is therefore donating a Makeup Party package to be auctioned at the gala in support of its programs.

The lucky winner of a BeautyInk Gallery Makeup Party will be able to invite her friends to the gallery to receive some fun makeup education and consultations with Shauna Magrath herself. The information Shauna imparts includes:

-What cosmetics to splurge on

-Beauty industry myths

-How to select makeup and brush and uses

An each attendee receives her own one-on-one makeup consultation with Shauna.

Be sure to attend the All About Girlfriends™ gala to ensure your chance to win this prize, or simply book your own makeup party by contacting us at info@beautyink.ca!

Click the link below to see Shauna on Breakfast TV providing a consultation, so you can know what to expect!


Shauna in action during a makeup party

Makeup lesson "after" photo