BeautyInk a finalist in the 2010 SE Entrepreneur Awards


BeautyInk™ couldn’t be more excited about being a finalist in the 2010 SE Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

It was only two short years ago when Shauna had the vision to created The BeautyInk Gallery, Vancouver’s first make up service boutique. From concept to creation, it took Shauna six exhausting months of 20 hour days with only her passion and short business training, to get the gallery up and running in their South Granville location.  Since Shauna created this make up service boutique concept, two similar businesses have now opened their doors, one in Langley and one in Yaletown.  Shauna’s  concept is now being used as an example to make up artist and students all over the country as a viable way to create a business doing what they love the most- Make Up.

Shauna decided to take a hiatus from her 15 year film career to fulfill a need to help people that suffer everyday from physical challenges that hinder the quality of their lives.  Since the Gallery opened it’s doors in 2008, Shauna been showcased on eight different TV segments both locally and national. The gallery has been able to service hundreds of client  across Canada and the US, bringing a peace and liberation to each of them. This honor of being recognized for the hard work and dedication has truly touched her. ” Trying to create something that has never existed is exciting, but keeping it afloat and growing  it is truly another. You must love what you do with your heart and soul and be willing to risk it all!”  Shauna feels grateful for the lives she has been able to touch and the reward people experience from the work she loves so much. ” Suffering comes in so many way, accident, disease, birth defects, insecurity…. if I can help people look better and feel better about themselves, than I’ve served my purpose in life and what a blessing that is!” – Shauna Magrath

Shauna has become an inspiration to many both in the film industry and out.  Her public speaking and mentor-ship has driven other women to step out and make a positive change with their careers opening businesses for themselves. People are seeing by her efforts there is life after film and some film artists are taking the leap, branching out and creating their own paths as well.

Please check out your local paper this week for SE Award advertisement or this link athttp://www.douglas.bc.ca/training-community-education/self-employment/entrepreneur-awards.html