Beautiful Blinks

Beautiful Blinks

Monday, 21 June 2010 15:08 Blair Kaplan General

My curiosity into the world of eyelash extensions began while sitting poolside in Mexico this past winter. A problem I have on vacation is trying to wear makeup while basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean. The first day on vacation I saw a lady get out of the pool and her eyes looked immaculate.  I saw her around the resort and after a few days I had to ask her, “Are your eyelashes real? They look amazing!” She confirmed that they were, in fact, eyelash extensions.  From that moment on I wanted experience eyelash extensions and for my blinks to attract attention.

Being fairly uneducated about this cosmetic procedure I wanted to make sure that I put my eyes in the hands of an experienced professional.  That professional that I developed a beautiful relationship with Shauna Magrath, owner of The BeautyInk Gallery in Vancouver. “Using only the safest medical products, finest organic materials and state-of-the-art medical-grade equipment, Shauna has mastered the art of micro-pigmentation: permanent cosmetics that are natural on the body with gentle, yet stunning effects” (www.beautyink.ca).

I arrived at the gallery to be greeted with indoor shoes, which help keep the environment sterile, and Shauna smiling. I knew I was not only going to be spending the next 2 hours changing the look of my eyes but learning about the process and getting to know Shauna. I was walked over to a bed and laid down while being covered with a very fuzzy blanket. I felt like I was getting ready for an early evening nap.  So, I made myself comfortable and let Shauna work her magic.

These are my before eyes:

We moved the bottom lashes out of the way and the procedure began. I bet you are curious as to how the eyelashes are put on and this seems to be the burning question that everyone asks. Shauna is a well trained and very educated professional who helped answer all of my questions (because I couldn’t see what she was doing due to the fact that my eyes were shut). First she moved my bottom eyelashes out of the way by taping them down. It sounds weird but doesn’t hurt, I promise.

Unlike a lot of other places that offer this service, she uses silk woven lashes (these look very natural). She glues on each lash individually, with love, and goes back and forth between eyes, giving the glue time to dry. For the first set it take sabout 2 hours but the time flew by due to the relaxing position I was in and great conversation.  After a few hours my eyelashes were dry and I had my first blink to my added beauty. For at least the next 2-3 weeks I have the most luscious and long eyelashes a gal can hope for.

These are my beautiful, new eyes:

I put my beauty in the hands of Shauna and couldn’t have been any happier. She offeres many services besides Semi-Permanent Eyelashes such as permanent makeup. She has free consultations so you can explore your curiosity. Ladies and Gents, imagine waking up looking beautiful and not spending so much money on products!

At www.livingfreecanada.com you will find a 20% off elite coupon for your first service. Ladies and Gentleman (yes, men, YOU!) go explore The BeautyInk Gallery and help boost your natural beauty and confidence.
Blair Kaplan
Living Free Canada