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The Grinch, Santa and BeautyInk = Christmas Cheer

In December, 2009 Shauna volunteered two days of her time in a unique way to Vancouver-based organization Loving Spoonful. The volunteer-driven organization delivers free nutritious meals to those living with HIV/AIDS in the greater Vancouver area. Shauna contributed her amazing talents to this organization by transforming performing artist Johnny MacRae into a living incarnation of the Grinch for their donation drive! She spent six hours preparing the Grinch silicone prosthetic and a further four hours each day for two days applying, sculpting and painting Johnny into the famous Dr. Seuss character. She then accompanied Mr. Grinch as her and other volunteers canvassed door-to-door in the West End and Commercial Drive areas, thoroughly surprising local residents! The funds that they raised went towards supporting the causes of this great organization.

Shauna also transformed a young Scottish man into a pink-cheeked, be-speckled Santa Claus for the annual We Care event providing underprivileged children with a Christmas and gift-making  party at the Frog Hollow Community Centre. What a treat for the young kids as they got to meet the most realistic and jolly Old Saint Nic they ever set eyes on! It was the third year Shauna provided her special makeup effects talents to this event and it continues to draw the support of many top companies in our community such as BC Hydro, Capers, Panago Pizza, Opus Art Supplies and McDonald’s.

BeautyInk also donated over $600 worth of beauty products to the Beauty Nights organization for the stockings it would give to women of the downtown Eastside.

A great generator of Christmas cheer, BeautyInk loves to support worthy causes like the ones above!

Johnny MacRae before his transformation

Johnny MacRae as the Grinch

Shauna with Santa for We Care

Before being transformed into Santa

OMG Are You Serious….You Stink!!

Ok  people enough is enough!

I have to write you on the lack of personal hygiene I have continuously come across this summer. It’s more than the wrinkled shirts and the dirty pants.  We see that dry skin, we see the dandruff and yes, we see that crust ear wax that’s built up from days or weeks of neglect. The weather is hot and NO we do not want to smell your bad BO. Put on some deodorant people, take a shower, use a Q-tip and please…. when you sit in anyones chair in the service industry, please, please brush your teeth!  That is by far the worst violation we encounter.  How hard is it to brush in the morning when you get up or have a mint after that stinky cup of coffee?  We the service providers do not want to smell your bad breath when we work closely around you.

I sat on the bus the other day and I was trapped. To my left was crusty ear man and to my right was women with stinky hormone overdrive.  Do you people not realize that we see and smell you?  If you don’t wear deodorant because of  your personal puritan philosophy at least use and essential oil so we don’t have to pass out!

Here is the link to an amazing women( Ayala Moriel) who make natural custom smells just for you or you can choose from any of her amazing pre-made combination. http://ayalasmellyblog.blogspot.com/


I had the pleasure of attending her last tea party and purchased some of her unique and enticing sents. They are all natural with no chemical additives, so even the most sensitive or allergic person can find one that works for them.

As for the rest of these horrible occurrences, a little soap and water, proper conditioner or a good old fashioned Q-tip will fix it. So PLEASE…. PEOPLE ….think about the rest of the world when your start your day and embark on your journeys.  Your friends and strangers will love you more, want to spend time with you and be happy to be around you.

There is no plausible excuse in my books unless you are truly mentally unwell!


Shauna 🙂

Permanent Make Up – Spring Specials

We want you looking your best for spring 24/7 without all the effort. To that end we’re offering special prices on a single-visit appointment on four of our most popular services:

Permanent brow enhancement – $300*

Permanent upper liner – $200*

Permanent lower liner – $180*

Permanent lip colour fill – $400*

*Prices are per visit. More than one visit may be require for optimal results.

Each procedure will be customized in shape and colour for your desired look.

Experience the liberation that women are raving about by calling us to book your free 30 minute consultation: 604-639-3609.

Before Permanent EyeLiner

After Top and Bottom enhancement....Very natural, customized to her.

Before procedures

After a brow enhancement and upper eye liner procedures

Before procedure

After a permanent full lip fill

Breakfast Television – June 24, 2009

Today’s Show

June 24, 2009

Many women are opting to do their own makeup for their big days and today Shauna Magrath is here to show us the best makeup for you to use and last through ceremony to wedding night!

Foundation – Revlon Colourstay $18.00 can also be layered on troubled areas.
Liner – Gosh Extreme Art extremely waterproof $14.00
Brows – Make up Forever waterproof eyebrow corrector $30.00
Shadow – Mac Paints or Fluid liners $18.00 both are cream you can add powder shadow after for extra strength
Lips – L’Oreal Infallible never fail lip colour $14.00
Waterproof Mascara’s
Her Choice – L’Oreal Voluminous
Lancôme Hypnose  $30.00
Lise Watier 24hr Glam  $20.00
L’Oreal Voluminous $10.00
Cover Girl Exact lash $ 8.00
Rimmel Eye Magnifier $7.00


Red Cross Red Carpet Soiree

Vancouver Blog Miss 604

Last night I grabbed Keira-Anne and headed to the Red Cross Red Carpet Soiree. I held a contest on my site and I ran into the winner of my tickets, Lesley Chang, along with Karen from TinyBites, Paulo from istyleu, Melissa from FiveCorners604, Cathy Browne, and Chris Freimond of the IABC (where I gave my Twitter for Business talk).

The Red Carpet Part

Keira got her makeup touched up by The Beautyink Gallery and we enjoyed delicious canapés courtesy of our host, the Blue Water Care + Raw Bar. I was looking forward to another rosemary martini, like I had when I was a judge for the Grey Goose Arbiter of Cool competition but unfortunately no one there that night knew how to make it. Still, the wine from Mission Hill was flowing, the silent auction bids were rising, and the tunes from DJ Ocean were just right.

Breakfast Television – May 21, 2009

Today’s Show

May 21, 2009

Dawn’s Guests:
Shauna Magrath,
Owner, BeautyInk Gallery

There are so many self tanners out there it is hard to know what works best, and many of us don’t want to risk streaks and turning orange to find out.
Well thanks to Shauna Magrath and London Drugs you don’t have to she has made herself the guinea pig over the past week, and today we get her results.
Her Favorite was Marcel wipes, they give natural results, easy to use and smells good!


Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Who’s the fairest of them all? You will be after a visit to BeautyInk.

We took an instructional lesson ($75/hr) at the BeautyInk Gallery where professional make-up artist Shauna Magrath—who’s got an Emmy to her name and  worked on shows with stars like Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba on her CV—took us step-by-step through a new spring look. With no allegiance to a beauty counter, she gave us the scoop sans sale pressure on what high-end products are worth it and what discount drugstore buys are better.

We walked away with peepers that popped, the know-how to replicate it at home, and the dish on who’s a doll to work with (that would be Meg Ryan).
BeautyInk Gallery,
101-1529 W. Sixth Ave.,

See some more photos of Joy’s makeover photos on today’s Editors’ Diary.

Breakfast Television – March 5, 2009

Sometimes makeup advertisements and companies want you to believe that more money means you get a better product? Shauna Magrath is here to show us some drug store products that are just as good, if not better than the department store brands.

Eye shadow pallet by Christian Dior  $50
Eye shadow pallet by Revlon         $12
Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent       $36
Mascara by L’Oreal Voluminous      $12
Eyeliner by Mac                     $18
Eyeliner by Gosh                   $10
Bronzer by YoungBlood              $30
Bronzer by Bonnie Bell               $  7
Tinted Moisturizer by Laura Mercier  $50
Tinted moisturizer by Marcell       $15
Face Sunscreen by La Roche Posay        $27
Face sunscreen by Neutrogena        $13
Red Lip Stain by Beaute              $35
Red Lip Stain by Sweet Leilani      $14
Lip Gloss by Mac                     $15
Lip Gloss by Rimmel                  $  6


Breakfast Television – January 26, 2009

Jumpstart your day with Riaz Meghji, Mark Docherty, Dawn Chubai, Michel McDermott and Greg Harper. Our dynamic team gives you a fast-paced, unconventional look at everything you need to know to start your day.

Your wakeup call is from 6 AM to 10 AM weekday mornings. Irreverent, witty and informative: That’s BT!

Shauna Magrath
Owner, BeautyInk Gallery
Showing you the latest make up trends for spring 2009

BeautyInk Gallery

The BeautyInk Gallery is a rich,  inviting, tranquil boutique where women and men alike can be at their most relaxed and welcome while receiving expert beauty services from proprietor and master makeup/micro-pigmentation artist, Shauna Magrath.