About Our Gallery


“Every Client Receives One-On-One Exclusive Attention. We Never Compromise The Quality /Safety Of Our Work Or Your Comfort, Because In The End That Is What Matters The Most!”

-Shauna Magrath

dans-pics-april-2011-4902sqaureShauna, a Make-Up FX Artist by trade, graciously recognized by The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences in 2008 with Emmy Honors , is also a specialist in Permanent Make-up, known as Micro-Pigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing Vancouver. Should you want to enhance your eyes, eyebrows or receive corrective treatments for burns, scars, areolas, Beauty Ink® will provide you with customized results. Beauty Ink® also provides personal lessons in beauty make-up for those wanting one on one services. Our custom eyebrow tattooing Vancouver, eyeliner tattooing Vancouver , areola tattooing, and make up artist Vancouver, can help restore confidence on a daily basis while making life easier all around. No more sweating off or limiting your life because of your make up routine.

inside our BeautyINK Boutique


This beautiful boutique is located in the heart of South Granville and unless you know its there, you wont find it. They keep it hidden from walk-in traffic to cater to the exclusive nature of their clients.  You can custom create the look that is perfect for you and receive your requests without the pressures of a retail store.

A homey, comfortable atmosphere was essential to the Beauty Ink® gallery’s creation.  Survivors of cancer and accidents have been through so much treatment they did not want them to arrive to another clinical environment. This sanitary boutique uses only the highest disinfectant, EXCEL and one time use needles only, so your safety is never in question. Shauna knows first hand the trauma those with cancer experience as she witnessed her mother, aunt and grandfather suffer from this horrible disease.

BeautyINK Permanent makeup Beauty Ink® has been created here for You.  No matter what your make-up experience, life journey or gender, it’s time for You, it’s not just for Hollywood to feel like a Star! We love what we do…and sharing it with you.

Consultations Are Complimentary Either By Phone Or In Person.