A More Sustainable You!!

Have you ever thought about the ECO Friendly effects of Cosmetics?

I bet you have never thought of permanent cosmetics as environmentally friendly product?

Well think again….!  With the hundreds of tubes of  lipstick, eye liner and lip pencil you will go through in your lifetime, it will all add up.  Not to mention the thousands of pounds of wasteful packaging they come in, going into our land fills and all the harmful chemicals you will have ingested every day.

Permanent cosmetics are created from plant and mineral based organic products. No harmful chemicals are added that will hurt you over time and no more fuss with packaging or all the hassle of  make up application each and every day.

Shauna recently went to a group discussion with the Vancouver Board of Change http://www.boardofchange.com/ and realized how sustainable our company really is.  It wasn’t just the fact that we save the environment with our service of permanent cosmetics, but also the fact that all our sterilizing products are bio-degradable and we have a recycling system in place.  When we created the Gallery we used recycled furniture that was her Omma and Oppa’s, we use recycled paper as well as recycle our ink cartridges as much as possible.

We also use a Santevia water filtration systemhttp://www.santevia.com/wellness/santevia_new/generic.asp?id=16&changeProp=SantProducts&title=Gravity%20Water%20System…so no bottled water here!

On May 20th we invite you to join us at our first of many make up parties right here at the Gallery, celebrating the new line from ARBONNE  Cosmetics an environmentally conscious company.


ARBONNE  makes vegan friendly, natural cosmetics that are good for your skin and wont harm the environment.

Shauna has used the products and is so excited about them,  would love to share them with you, so you too can see for yourself these amazing products!  RSVP is required 604 639 3609 or info@beautyink.ca

So the next time you go to the cosmetic counter….take a conscious look at what you are buying within and outside the box. The plastic it’s wrapped in,  the box it comes in, the cardboard, the containers and ask yourself….can this be reused?  Then look at the ingredients…it might shock you at what you have been putting on your skin!